Hawaiian Haystacks

These aren’t hard and everyone knows how to make them, right?  Perhaps, with their own spin.  Before Derek and I had kids he felt like Hawaiian Haystacks were a luxury probably because I never made them.  A good friend of mine knew how much he loved them and would invite us over whenever it was on the menu.  I  think I felt that for just the two of us it was a lot of cutting of too many different things and too much fuss.  Now, the funny thing is that they have become the opposite for me.  This something quick and easy to make.  I usually do it when I have left over rice from a meal the night before.  Then, I chop whatever veggies (and fruit like oranges or pineapples) I have in the fridge, grate some cheese, make some quick gravy out of cream of chicken soup and I usually even use my canned chicken so I don’t have to cook anything really at all.  I honestly really like these.  I like not letting left overs go to waste, I like how fast I can throw it together, I like all the veggies and fruit, I like the different textures, and that it’s easy to feed/please a crowd with this one.  Here’s my little spin on Hawaiian Haystacks (at least the way I made it tonight).


In small saucepan heat and mix 1 can condensed cream of chicken and 3/4 C chicken broth.  Serve over rice.  Top as desired tonight the options were: grated cheese, canned chicken, peas, steamed zucchini, radishes, chopped raw carrots, chopped raw green peppers, chopped fresh tomatoes, chopped oranges, flaked coconut, sliced almonds, crunchy chow mein noodles.

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