Corned Beef and Cabbage

 Growing up we traditionally always ate corned beef and cabbage on St. Patty’s Day every year.  When I got married, I tried to carry on the tradition.  I fear that my failure the first couple gos at it may have tainted Derek’s impression of corned beef to this day.  The majority of my failure lied at never getting the meat tender enough.  Finally one year when Derek and I were both working full time,  I came up with the idea to cook it in my crock pot.  BINGO!  Tender corned beef and easy as pie.  This year we made ours the day before St. Patty’s because I worked today.  There is really no recipe to this, and now every year my crock pot does all the cooking.



  • Prepackaged and spiced corned beef (I usually buy mine at Costco).
  • Red potatoes, unpeeled and quartered
  • Onions, sliced big
  • Carrots, peeled and whole
  • Green cabbage, cut in wedges.

Directions:  Put the corned beef with the spices on the bottom of the crock pot with a little water.  Layer potatoes on top of beef (this helps them absorb the beef flavor and makes them delicious), then the onions of top of that, then the carrots, then the cabbage wedges on top.  Cook on high 6 hours or so.  (I sometimes feel the cabbage gets a little soft this way, but it’s so easy.  You can also boil it in the corned beef water for a few minutes right before eating to desired softness if you prefer).


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