Dad’s Beef and Lentil Stew

 A few years ago my Dad purchased a ranch house in the middle of nowhere Jiggs, NV.  It’s 45 minutes outside of Elko and backs up to the Ruby Mountains.  It’s a beautiful place to retreat, and it seems to have inspired all kinds of ranch style cooking in my Dad.  The last time we met him there, we arrived to the welcome of a slowly simmered Lentil Stew.  It was so delicious that I froze all the left overs and insisted on carting it back to Utah with me for a future meal when we were home.  My Dad always makes this stew with fillet meat (how could it not be good?)  He told me I could get by with Tritip (still pricey, but soooo good I think it was worth the splurge).  It will work with cheap stew beef too, but I do think the taste would suffer a bit.  This hearty stew is always perfect at my Dad’s ranch house or on a cold winter snowy today like today is here in Utah.



  • 2.5 lbs fillet or tritip, cubed
  • McCormick Seasoning
  • 2 cans (28 oz) diced tomates (probably stewed or whole tomatoes may work too)
  • 1 onion, diced
  • 12 C watter
  • 4 Tbsp chicken base (better than bullion is what I use)
  • 1 lb brown lentils
  • 4 red potatoes, cubed (I always leave the skin on)
  • 3 stalks celery, diced


  1. Brown meat cubes, seasoned with McCormick seasoning in bottom of large soup pot.
  2. Add in water, tomatoes, chicken base, and onion.
  3. Bring to a boil, then simmer for about 2 hours until meat is tender.
  4. Then add lentils, potatoes and celery.
  5. Bring to a boil again and then simmer another 30 mins-1 hour, until potatoes are soft.

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